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LEROSETT® Organic Acne System

It really works! This is a truly remarkable product!

By  Marta W   on December
Verified Purchase

"After a bad reaction to benzoyl peroxide, I started researching a natural product for my daughters acne. After reading many positive reviews and the quality of the product I ordered. This is by far, a truly amazing product. My daughter is using it twice a day, and her acne has essentially disappeared within a week of use. The first two days the redness and inflammation started subsiding, then becoming smaller and smaller with ease day of use; and now nearly non existent. Regular use is a must, however I am beyond thrilled to have a truly effective product, that is all natural and cost effective.

Great for regular acne (not cystic)

By  Nicole Alarconon   on August 25
Verified Purchase

Great for acne treatment, dries up break outs quickly and is painless. I truely enjoyed the tightening affect it has when its drying, it may even make your skin feel a little too tight but once you use it a few times, you'll get used to it. It also kind of burns a little at first, its a mix between a tingling and burning sensation as its drying but the packaging said that was normal to experience. I didnt give it a 5 star rating because it's not suitable for the type of acne I have (cystic) and it actually agravated my acne a little when I started. But once I got the cysts under control, I used this for oil control 1 a week and it works like a charm. Pulls out black heads with ease (dont know how, but it does) but those stubborn whiteheads dont budge with this mask.

Incredibly all natural facial mask. Best ever made.

By  Deborah   on October 22
Verified Purchase

Since I've been getting monthly facials and the spa uses this line of products I found myself running low right before my vacation so I quick purchased a tube from Amazon. You do not have to have acne to use this. It's a wonderful all natural clay mask that I use twice daily. I have combination skin that is prone to small white heads during hot summer months here in Coastal SC when I find I'm using sunscreen & sweating. Since I've been using this product (8 months) my skin has improved dramatically I highly recommend this product for anyone, any age. This can be used even for spot treatments & left on over night.

Clear acne without the overdrying caused by most products.

By  bigshopper   on July 31
Verified Purchase

I purchased this for my daughter after reading the great reviews. I figured she could give it a try although I didn't expect much. Well..the results have been great, and there has been a continued decrease in acne WITHOUT the over dried, peeling skin. She has tried every major brand, store brand, as well as prescription meds without any real reduction, but had so many side effects. Her forehead was the worst, with severe cystic acne and her t-zone was moderate. She was still in school and started with her forehead as it is covered with bangs, in case of bad results. Within 3 weeks most of forehead was clear, although she still has lots of red spots from past acne, those spots are slower to heal. She has since started on the rest of her face, she did break out a bit more before the clearing began. Overall I would recommend this product to anyone with acne. This time I purchase my product from an amazon vendor, with prime I had it in 2 days and it didn't cost more than it would have from the original distributor.

This is the most amazing product I have ever used to treat my acne

By  Amazon Customer   on on October 2
Verified Purchase

This is the most amazing product I have ever used to treat my acne! I've suffered from acne my whole life, but in just the past two years my face has been plagued with cystic acne on my neck, jawline and lower cheeks. I have tried everything over-the-counter; been to the dermatologist and been prescribed topical creams and antibiotics to take orally. Nothing has worked! I was about to give up and just go on Accutane. But because the possible side effects of Accutane scare me half to death, I decided to surf the interenet one last time. I came across Lerosset and after reading the reviews decided to give it a try. Obviously this was not without hesitation first. I have spent so much money over the years on products claiming to treat my acne and nothing has worked. I did not want to waste more money on an empty promise. But I gave in and bought the clay mask from Lerosset. The first night I used it my face was inflamed and covered in 11 (yes I counted) zits- some cystic and some not. I put on a thin layer of the clay mask and left it on for 3 hrs (unintentional, I feel asleep). The mask is tight when it dries but was not irritating or bothersome. I feel asleep with it on no problem. When I woke up to wash it off my face had completely calmed down (was no longer inflammed) and every single pimple had reduced in size! I applied a little BP and when I woke up the following morning all my acne was gone except for a few cystic pimples! I am in amazement! I will continue to use this product and see if the results are long term, but so far this has been a God-send! I am writing this review because as someone who has struggled with acne and the embarrassment it brings, I believe everyone should be given the opportunity to know what really works and what doesn't. Lerosset clay mask really works! Give Lerosset a try!

Everyone with acne problems should own this product!

By  Sarah Bee   on August 6
Verified Purchase

This mask literally SAVES my face. I have oily and acne prone skin and when I'm really good and use it regularly, it almost completely eliminates breakouts. When I'm not good and don't use it regularly, I can just apply it on the blemish for 2-3 days in a row and it completely heals. I can tell a noticeable difference after the first night. You can wash your face with it also but I just use it as a mask. Everyone with acne problems should own this product!

My new go-to face wash

By  vivaCarolina!   on August 24
Verified Purchase

I've searched high and low for a gentle face wash that left my skin feeling clean. Everything else I tried either had those irritating "micro-scrub" pieces in them or would leave my face feeling like it was covered in film. This face wash does everything I've been looking for. It is gentle, does not over dry my skin, and most importantly after I use it my face actually feels clean. After a month of using this face wash in combination with a (non-Lerosett brand) alpha hydroxy toner and a moisturizer my acne and the red ghosts of my old pimples are significantly reduced.

Great face wash

By  Melvin   on October 8
Verified Purchase

Amazing product! I had terrible breakouts for a long time and this was the first treatment I've used that has worked."

Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett Acne Face Wash/OTC

By  Linda K.   on January 23
Verified Purchase

When used with the specified Gunilla of Sweden Lerosett skin care line, this product works great. I use it everyday. I wouldn't use anything else on my skin.

Great Product

By  Kathleen Ali   on July 7, 2012
Verified Purchase

I bought this product along with the clay masque for my son who has a bad case of cystic acne. He is very pleased with this face wash and I continue to buy it. Great product.

Love it as usual

By  Dr Chemistry   on April 5
Verified Purchase

I have used Lerosett for years and was excited to try the first aloe based fda approved face wash. As always Lerosett didn't let me down.

Great face wash

By  Josep vanderhoff C.   on November 17
Verified Purchase

November 17

Absolutely Wonderful

By  Kate   on August 26, 2012
Verified Purchase

Almost every lotion out there either contains mineral oil or petrolatum (even the dermatologist-recommended Aveeno), both of which will clog pores and make acne worse. I tried Neutrogena's non-oily, non-comedogenic moisturizer and it not only broke my skin out, but it felt super greasy and never even cured the dryness. I also tried just plain colorless aloe gel from Walmart, but it didn't seem to make anything better even though it wasn't making anything worse. The only lotion I've found which doesn't contain mineral oil/petrolatum was Jergens, but that still felt kind of thick/heavy and aggravated the acne.

Lerosett feels so CLEAN on my face, it has no scent, and my skin feels like silk. I love that the "silky feeling" doesn't wash off either; sometimes I think a moisturizer is doing its job until I wash my face and see that my skin is still peeling. But Lerosett really does heal all the abuse from harsh cleansers. It's not greasy, keeps pimples from scabbing over/scarring, and a little really does go a LONG way. The jury is still out on their clay mask, but I will continue buying this moisturizer.

I've had a bad case since I was young

By  Jason Addair   on October 29
Verified Purchase

This is the only product I (the wife) have ever found that works on my acne. I've had a bad case since I was young, I use it in conjunction with the OTC face wash and sometimes the clay mask, it never feels greasy and it melts right into my skin!


By  ERIK MORALES MARTY   on September 4, 2011
Verified Purchase

This is the only moisturizer I can use, I have oily/sensitive/acne prone/redness prone/allergy prone/skin, lucky am I? This wont make u breakout or look oily like other moisturizers "for oily skin" do. It calms the skin too, wonderful, it is expensive because it has many active ingredients, not just fillers.

The best feeling moisturizer

By  Janet E. Buda   on May 18th
Verified Purchase

This really is a great lightweight moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. It's very comfortable and not oily at all. I've struggled with acne and oily skin for many years and this is the first moisturizer that I've been comfortable using daily without feeling like it will cause me to break out. Love it! Well worth the price for this large bottle. What a bargain!

Excellent, light, soothing, matte moisturizer.

By  Happy, Joyous, & Free   on August 27
Verified Purchase

Lerosett's Moisture Matte is truly one of the best moisturizers on the market. I am an aesthetician and try many, many products. This is the first product I've ever written a review for.

I purchased this from the company, did not receive it gratis. I've been using this for two weeks and love it. I apply it after the Lerosett mask, which is also a very good product. Moisture Matte truly does offer a nice, soothing, hydrating, lightweight, matte moisturizer. It is excellent for oily, acneic skin, and rosacea. It has a high quantity of organic ingredients and has a moderate price point. I purchased the large, professional size just to try it because it was so cost-effective. I suggest this moisturizer to my clients also.

Fabulous, but pricey

By  Jordan   on March 5
Verified Purchase

I have had acne since I was about 10 years old and this moisturizer is fabulous for OILY skin. If you have dry skin, I would say, no way in hell, but for oily skin, YES. The only 2 downsides are: 1.) It doesn't really provide enough moisture for cold, winter weather, and 2.) The price... I really wish this was even $10 cheaper. Of course, I find the most fabulous moisturizer for my acne prone skin, and it breaks the bank. You get what you pay for I guess... I do believe it's worth the price, and unless I find anything that can compare to it that is also natural, I will stick to my story.

Wonderful, gentle product!

By  TJ   on June 25, 2012
Verified Purchase

I'm mainly writing this because of the comments about the product smelling bad. I completely agree with the other reviewer who said that this product has no smell at all. Maybe if I used my imagination, I could ever so slightly detect a faint aloe vera scent, but that is it. I would really have to say it is unscented. So as far as the quality of the product, I love it. Takes just a little dab, smooth’s nicely and feels great on. Will definitely order again. I am over 50 and don't have any acne issues, but like the natural ingredients and what the manufacture stands for.


By  RAID0072   on February 13
Verified Purchase


Although I feel like I am purchasing liquid gold

By  Isaiah J Talley   on June 1
Verified Purchase

Although I feel like I am purchasing liquid gold, my wife swears by this stuff. She says that she has less pimples, I just notice that she smiles more - and for that it is worth it.

Great Quality Toner That Isn't Irritating

By  dhw1980   on November 18
Verified Purchase

I love all of Lerosett's products, but this is what I find myself using most often. The toner is great. It does not have any astringent smell, and I use it each night before bed. It doesn't irritate my skin, and living in a dry place, it also doesn't dry out my skin. Though not specifically listed for this use, I also use it as a make-up remover and it works as well if not better than products marketed for this use.

Lerosett Purifying Acne toner/Gunilla of Sweden

By  Linda K.   on January 23
Verified Purchase

I've been buying this brand for a while. It's great when used with the Lerosett OTC face wash. I wouldn't use anything else on my skin.

Great product for another line of defense against acne

By  Shawna P.   on December 20
Verified Purchase

Works as stated with nice pleasant smell.

Best products ever for acne

By  Claudia K Ludwin   on April 17
Verified Purchase

Best products ever for acne. Put a little of the clay mask on an up and coming pimple at night and by morning it's gone....

Smoother more perfect skin

By  Amanda   on May 21
Verified Purchase

I've had skin problems for a looong time and this really changed the way my skin looks and feels. Very mild yet effective!

Works like a charm!

By  Ryan   on January 27
Verified Purchase

Does it's job wonderfully as far as facial cleansing and acne. However, you can get the facial clay much cheaper online. The facewash is very soothing to the skin, just make sure to lather it for a few seconds then apply (it does foam up a bit). The moisturizer is the best part! Really softens your skin, yet does not make your face oily. Overall, great buy!

Best products ever for acne

By  Carol Kirby   on October 7
Verified Purchase

Very helpful as long as you stick to the regimen. Great product!

Four Stars

By  Amazon Customer   on February 8
Verified Purchase

"Great job"

Five Stars

By  Lisa R   on October 19
Verified Purchase

"makes my skin clear and feel clean "

Five Stars

By  Patricia M. Shepard   on July 26
Verified Purchase

"Great for my skin."

Five Stars

By  LLP   on February 4
Verified Purchase

"Great product line. Highly recommended."

Physician who found the best healing serum

By  Dr. R   on November 14
Verified Purchase

I am a physician and I just love this Lerosett Healing Serum, fells great and really helps minimize the hyper-pigmentation left over from older pimples. Much is due to its collagen content but I have seen the studies on aloe over Rx drugs to heal wounds and aloe wins. However, reading and understanding the site they use Hydroponically grown aloe as the base component and that I understand because it makes the aloe much more effective nutrient wise and that's what your skin needs. If there is a better healing serum I have never seen one and I work with scars, open wounds for a living.

Heals pigmentation

By  John C. David   on April 25
Verified Purchase

Great product. I use two drops in conjunction with my moisturizer. This has helped heal my pigmentation. Recommended for anyone else looking to heal and prevent acne scars.

The only healing serum I found based on aloe.

By  Dr. Chemistry   on April 30
Verified Purchase

I like this serum mainly because i'm a big fan of aloe and the main ingredient is aloe. But its also a very special aloe that you cannot grow yourself, it works, love it.

Excellent moisturizer

By  Chel   on February 13
Verified Purchase

I needed help with pregnancy acne and used this as an organic moisturizer. I love it! Smells like roses and goes on like silk. My face feels so soft and clean with this serum. Will continue to use after baby is born.

Can't do without this

By  S Shaw   on May 11
Verified Purchase

I use this serum twice a day. Under BB cream in am and before bed at night. I have wrestled with acne since my teens. This serum seems to calm my skin, decrease break outs and heal them faster if they do occur. Smells like roses which is a bonus. I am a huge fan of this product.

Works great!!!

By  FashionQueen   on January 10
Verified Purchase

This serum works so great, so far it is the best product I've ever had.

So far so good!

By  Amazon Customer   on November 29
Verified Purchase

As directed I have been giving this to my teenage son twice a day for 3 days now. He has pretty bad hormonal acne and oily skin. His skin has already improved like 80% better. This stuff is expensive but working well so far.

Best skin care I've tried

By  CJ   on January 27
Verified Purchase

Best skin care I've tried, & I've tried it all...can't be without it. It saved me from having to start Accutane last year. Completely cleared up my acne, as well as keeping my skin looking young. I use all their products.

it did work great. I don't have break outs anymore

By  ramona gale   on May 13
Verified Purchase

I've had This really works, it took a couple of months for my system to respond but when it did, it did work great. I don't have break outs anymore. Thank you so much

slow and steady wins the race

By  Amazon Customer   on February 2
Verified Purchase

If I use this faithfully twice a day for a month, then every other day, it is the ONLY thing that nearly stops my adult cystic acne around the chin area. It must be used consistently, and then, it works.