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LEROSETT® Purifying Clear Skin Face Wash 6.7oz

Cleared My Skin Up

By  Maya C. Kelly  on November 8
Verified Purchase

"I stopped using an acne face wash and for a while my skin was ok. Then it just started breaking out non-stop so I began to look for a new face wash for acne. I didn't want anything that was creamy or foamy. I prefer gel but I have to say this face wash has a weird consistency. It was too gelatinous, like it was congealed. Besides that it did the job and cleared my skin up quickly."

Five Stars

By  SJ on January 25
Verified Purchase

"Great product"

Excellent product! I buy it for my 16 years ...

By  amyjuz on April 3
Verified Purchase

Excellent product! I buy it to stop my breakouts.

Very happy to have found this cleanser!

By  amyamyamy on January 4
Verified Purchase

" Amazing product! Im 42 and my skin has been troublesome for many years now as an adult. I cant believe how good my skin looks and feels now."

Works well on acne but you have to use quite a bit to get the suds going

By  Shawna P.span> on December 20
Verified Purchase

" Not as thick as I expected so it really doesn't suds up well but my acne really has gotten better after continued use"

great product

By  kimberly schilling on March 15
Verified Purchase

" great product-- on time, works wonderfully, great price, takes off everything and does not cause irritation or dry skin "

Great for sensitive skin.

By  aamcols on June 6
Verified Purchase

" I love the Lerosett line of products. I have hormonal acne and sensitive skin. I have been using Lerosett for about 5 months now, and it has helped with my acne and has not irrated my skin."

Finally, an effective, balanced acne wash

By  K. Kasabian on January 27, 2012
Verified Purchase

" My friend recommended this product line. I bought the acne mask for weekly use, but needed a daily cleanser. This one is so great. I use it with my Clarisonic brush and a few seconds later, I have clean, tight, refreshed skin. This is the first month in over a year that I haven't broken out in cystic acne, so I'm thrilled. There is a low ratio of exfoliant beads in this cleanser, gentle enough to use every day as long as you tone and moisturize after using. So worth the money. Recommended."

Five Stars

By  candy on October 20
Verified Purchase

" Very good. Thx"

Good, safe product for new mother-to-be

By  Happy Customer from NJ on September 17
Verified Purchase

" I bought this because I am eight weeks pregnant and wanted a second Gunilla of Sweden product to maximize the effectiveness of the Clay Mask, which I have happily used for two and a half years. In addition, I have used this company's AHA and OTC Face Wash to eliminate dark spots left over from past breakouts and have gotten great results from them as well. However, my doctor from the fertility clinic, who is apparently more conservative than my regular gynecologist, agrees to my continued use of the Mask but does not want me to use any AHA or salicylic acid for at least the first trimester. I like the fact that this product, like Gunilla's AHA and OTC Face Wash, is based on their special aloe vera, yet is non-medicated and keeps my face clean without over drying it. My reason for giving this only four stars is that it does not come in a "pro" size like the Mask, the AHA, or the OTC Face Wash and is thus not as economical. Also, it is advertised as "Clear Skin Non-Medicated Face Wash" on Lerosett website but labeled "High Content Organic Purifying Face Wash" on the actual bottle; this discrepancy confused me to the point that I had to call the company to confirm that it was the correct product and then bring it to my doctor's office to get her approval of it. At least, it is a relief to know that Lerosett offers a wide range of skin care products to customize the individual needs of consumers."

It works!

By  deborah ann on January 10
Verified Purchase

" Improved my skin condition. I used as recommended and saw results in just a few days. That's what I wanted."

Really Works!

By  kpfeiffer on March 4, 2012
Verified Purchase

" I have tried numerous acne treatments ... I am 30 and was still getting cystic acne along with little breakouts almost daily. I was willing to try anything, but after so many products (Murad, Proactive, etc.) irritated my condition and made my skin sensitive, I wanted to try something more natural. I'm so glad I did! This feels great, makes my skin super smooth and takes care of the breakouts. The key is using it with the clay mask and the matte moisturizer. I used the mask every night for about a month to clear my skin, and now I rarely have to use it for maintenance. I use the cleanser and moisturizer every morning and night and now have glowing skin. Try it, you'll love it too!"

Best anti-acne product!

By  Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios on July 29, 2012
Verified Purchase

" I am pregnant and my husband bought this product for my acne problem since it doesn't contain hazardous ingredients that could affect my baby. I saw good results in just one day. I plan to continue using this product even after giving birth to my child. I have been acne free for three months now and my skin looks so much better than ever. I have tried proactiv, neutrogena and clinique products and none of them can compare to Lerosett."