GUNILLA Deep Skin Moisturizer+Ceramides 8oz Pro Size
Great Stuff!

By  Amazon Customer on June 20,2016
Verified Purchase

Love this moisturizer. I was given it by an esthetician who was worried about my lack of finding a product I would use! I have lots of moisturizers sitting in my drawer which not only hurts the pocketbook but doesn't bode well for being free from wrinkles (to whatever extent that is possible!) This moisturizer does NOT smell.......and it does not feel heavy! I now use it everyday. My skin feels good without feeling dry (which is my tendency) or oily.

Very good!

By  daisysun  on April 5, 2012
Verified Purchase

"I should have been using this product a long time ago. I didn't think I needed the moisture but I do. And this delivers in a light dewy way. Though it is really very moisturizing, I don't feel like it's too heavy and like I want to scratch it off my face. I am 45 and I really wish I had known how well this worked 10 years ago. An addendum 11/21/12: My first order was wonderful. The second time I ordered I'm pretty sure I have received what I believe are knock off products. Amazon was good about facilitating a return and Skin Care Investments was willing to send me a new jar... but it's not the same product as that first shipment. The first was like cake frosting. The second is like halfway whipped cream. It even smells differently. Then I checked the eye/lip cream jar from the second order. That too was a different smell and different consistancy. I will be going to a local dealer of this brand to buy from now on, as I'm not sure how to be sure I'm getting the real deal and or how to prove it's a knock off. Sorry that this didn't work out in the end. Sincerely."

Love this moisturizer!

By  Noelle Love on May 16
Verified Purchase

"Feels great going on, and my skin stays hydrated all day. I also love that it's made from mostly organic ingredients - this might just be the power of suggestion, but I actually do think it feels more natural somehow. Typing that out I see how silly it sounds and am reconciled to it being entirely in my head. But, you know what? My delusion feels good."

Highly recommended

By  Amazon Customer on October 19
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The product is excellent and so was the service.

Ceramides in this product help your skin look younger right away

By  SuzC  on February 20
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I love this cream because the results are easy to see almost immediately. Even though the ceramide content is not high, the product does work in keeping skin moist, supple and filling out wrinkles for a more youthful appearance p>

AKTA Ceramides

By  Dr. Chemistry  on May 16
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"I am now hooked on Gunilla of Sweden, I used Lerosett Acne Clay Mask and my acne was 90% gone, So I trusted this brand Gunilla and now this AKTA Ceramides I am starting to think Gunilla products are just a league above the rest. Again I love the Akta Ceramides! p>

Best for Sensitive Dry Skin

By  Kasmer Quinn on February 5
Verified Purchase

"I love this mosturizer! It's gentle on the skin and keeps your skin moist throughout the day. You don't have to use too much, just a pea size amount on your fingertip will due. Love love love this !."

It's pretty rich but helped heal my dry skin

By  Sarah Ostolaza on July 13
Verified Purchase

"It's pretty rich but helped heal my dry skin. Caused a few clogged pores to become small pimples but then again, my skin is combination dry.. Was good.. Probably better for more mature skin."

Five Stars

By  C. Krueger on August 20
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"wonderful product"

natural product

By  brenda on July 23
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"The best natural product out there so far."

hydrated skin

By  M. Lott on October 27
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"Love it! This product makes my skim soft and hydrates very well. I cannot live without it now. Must try!"

Good price, good product.

By  JD on April 9
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"Good price, Good product. Rapid fulfillment. blah, blah, blah, blah "

Moisturizer for mature, sensitive skinh5

By  Devona Renee on April 28
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"This smells wonderful & my mature, sensitive skin loves it, especially given I live in a very dry climate. I've finally found something that works well; I can tell I'll be using this for years to come."