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LEROSETT® Regenerative Healing Organic Serum 1oz

Physician who found the best healing serum

By  Dr. R  on November 14
Verified Purchase

I am a physician and I just love this Lerosett Healing Serum, fells great and really helps minimize the hyper-pigmentation left over from older pimples. Much is due to its collagen content but I have seen the studies on aloe over Rx drugs to heal wounds and aloe wins. However, reading and understanding the site they use Hydroponically grown aloe as the base component and that I understand because it makes the aloe much more effective nutrient wise and that's what your skin needs. If there is a better healing serum I have never seen one and I work with scars, open wounds for a living.

Heals pigmentation

By  John C. David on April 25
Verified Purchase

Great product. I use two drops in conjunction with my moisturizer. This has helped heal my pigmentation. Recommended for anyone else looking to heal and prevent acne scars.

The only healing serum I found based on aloe.

By  Dr. Chemistryon April 30
Verified Purchase

I like this serum mainly because i'm a big fan of aloe and the main ingredient is aloe. But its also a very special aloe that you cannot grow yourself, it works, love it.

Excellent moisturizer

By  Chel on February 13
Verified Purchase

I needed help with pregnancy acne and used this as an organic moisturizer. I love it! Smells like roses and goes on like silk. My face feels so soft and clean with this serum. Will continue to use after baby is born.

Can't do without this

By  S Shaw on May 11
Verified Purchase

I use this serum twice a day. Under BB cream in am and before bed at night. I have wrestled with acne since my teens. This serum seems to calm my skin, decrease break outs and heal them faster if they do occur. Smells like roses which is a bonus. I am a huge fan of this product.

Works great!!!

By FashionQueenon January 10
Verified Purchase

This serum works so great, so far it is the best product I've ever had.