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LEROSETT® Clay Treatment Since 1987

LEROSETT® (Leer-o-set) Clay Treatment is the main component to the LEROSETT® Organic Acne Method. As a facial mask and spot treatment, LEROSETT® can cause pimples to heal faster than water based acne products. LEROSETT® significantly reduces pimple life cycles, prevents breakouts, reduces the appearance of pores, clears skin, detoxes skin and removes impurities. LEROSETT® is suitable for the treatment of all skin types and ethnicities.

Why is LEROSETT® Different:

LEROSETT® is NOT a regular clay. LEROSETT® is a proprietarily heat-treated and micronized mineral rich all natural clay of fine particles that goes deep into the pore. LEROSETT® attaches itself to dead cells, even those on the follicle wall where most clogs come from. Zinc and other healing minerals minimize oil production and dramatically increase healing.

Dermatologists and Skin Care Professionals Explain Why they Prefer LEROSETT® for Acne.

The Acne Treatment Center

Jane Neville Dudik
Licensed Esthetician & Owner. BA Duke
MBA Harvard
The Acne Treatment Center.
Vancouver, WA

"I have had acne clients tell me the LEROSETT® is magic!! I started introducing my clients to the LEROSETT® line of products. The LEROSETT® Clay Treatment and the LEROSETT® Healing Serum are two things I simply wouldn't be without in my acne clinic. They make getting skin clear from acne much easier. LEROSETT® is the ticket for acne. I continue to use the AKTA line on my own skin and have suggested it to the moms of my acne clients. They have become fans as well."

The Acne Treatment Center

Dr Adriana Elise Rascanu Summit Skin Care, Lee's Summit, Mo.

I have personally used Gunilla of Sweden® products for years and have recommended these products to my patients. I feel there are few brands if any that compare and I base that opinion on the fact that the main base components used are nutrient based and heal skin naturally. Several products including the LEROSETT® clay treatment and others are safe for pregnant women and those with sensitive skin. *

Second Glance Skin

Cheryl Edvalson President Cheryl , Inc Skincare and Holistic Beauty-Salt Lake City, UT -801-278-9296

LEROSETT® is what we term as the best mask ever for problem skin. We sell it to everyone of our clients whether they have acne or not.
Using LEROSETT® to stop acne professionally for over 18 years. *

Mella Skin Care Massage

Lana Vinnik at L'Image Skin Care and Dermatology, Milwaukee, WI

LEROSETT® is the most amazing acne product I have ever used in my 20 plus year career as a "esthetician" skin care professional. *

Using LEROSETT® to stop acne professionally for over 18 years

Cherly the beautiful

Cheryl Goodheim at The Works Skin Care Spa, Carlsbad, CA- 760-434-5663

LEROSETT® is the only mask I carry and I consider LEROSETT® to be a MIRACLE MASK! * Using LEROSETT® to stop acne professionally for over 17 years

Spa Du Soliel

Joie Tavernise
Society of Plastic Surgery Skincare Specialists; National Coalition of Estheticians, Practicing esthetician for over 15 years. JTav Clinical Skin Care New York, NY 212-755-1155

"As a licensed Esthetician and business owner, I have been using the best skin care products for many years. For 8 years, I have been using the LEROSETT

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