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Organic LEROSETT® for
Adult Acne Since 1987

Gunilla Line

Doctor Recommended to
Treat Adult Acne Naturally

Gunilla Line

I have had acne clients tell me LEROSETT® is Magic!*
Jane Dudik, Founder. The Acne Treatment Center. Vancouver, WA
Licensed Esthetician, B.A. Duke, M.B.A. Harvard
Using LEROSETT® Professionally for Over 6 Years
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Free Trial Only Gunilla Of Sweden $2.95 s/h

$35 Free Gift Included just for Trying LEROSETT®
Our #1 rated aloe based anti-inflammatory moisturizer

No Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur, Parabens, SLS or Detergents

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For all skin types and ethnicities. Full 30-day supply.

96.5% Satisfation Rate

For over 25 years LEROSETT® was only available to
estheticians and dermatologists in spas and medical clinics. Over 5,000 skin care professionals have used LEROSETT®. Now, you too can use LEROSETT® to get clear skin fast.
LEROSETT® Patent/Trademark #1,504,494.

LEROSETT® Over 28 years of Professional
Acne Knowledge and Expertise on Your Side!
Grade Acne
Care Since
LEROSETT® has a strong natural ionic charge. Like a magnet it pulls out the bad positively charged impurities while leaving the good negatively charged nutrients in the skin.

You Get Our Renown LEROSETT® Organic Clay Treatment

Full Retail Size
Over a Million Users!

Lerosett Clay

$35 Free Gift
Includes Our Most
Popular Organic
Aloe Based Moisturizer
for Problem Skin.

Helps heal swelling, scarring
& more. Full Retail Size

Lerosett High Content

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What LEROSETT® Users Say About Finally Getting Clear Skin

Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson Before Testimonial


Chris Nelson After Testimonial

After *

I tried dozens of brands and was upset to learn that most all are the same, especially after spending so much I didn't trust acne brands any more. Every one had water and benzoyl peroxide or water and salicylic acid or all three, the worse combination. I wanted something different, I now know it's the ingredient quality and acne expertise at Gunilla's customer service that got me clear!*

Chris Nelson - Terre Haute, IN

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Seth Norris

Seth Norris Before Testimonial


Seth Norris After Testimonial

After *

After years of severe acne I’m finally able to go to work and not worry about how my face looks. I’m not always worrying about what people think when I go out. Using LEROSETT® my skin just got better and better and kept getting better. LEROSETT® is the best acne product I have used and will ever use, Period! I AM AMAZED THANK YOU LEROSETT!!!

Seth Norris - Fort Scott KS

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Dielma Guadaloupe

Dielma Guadaloupe Before Testimonial


Dielma Guadaloupe After Testimonial

After *

Like everyone else I tried everything on TV until I learned they were all the same. I didn't know that you need to change how much product you use as your skin clears, regardless of what product and no one told me that. Thats why I love Lerosett because you can adjust how much you use, like a lot more during the clearing stage and a few times a week once your clear. You don't have to use the same product every day to stay clear as you did to get clear and that makes a lot of sense to me. I will use nothing else*.

Dielma Guadaloupe

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Jessica Guzman

Jessica Guzman Before Testimonial


Jessica Guzman After Testimonial

After *

Gunilla of Sweden products differ from other products in the simplest way; they work. I have suffered from acne for six years. You could probably imagine all the products I went through. These are the best products I ever tried with very amazing people ready and willing to help and answer questions. I don't know what else to say. Basically, this stuff works and I love it. Jessica Guzman Inver Grove Heights, MN

Jessica Guzman - Inver Grove Heights, MN

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Allison Reese

Allison Reese Before Testimonial


Allison Reese After Testimonial

After *

Like everyone else still looking for a miracle to help their acne, I've taken prescription medications, used many face washes and done chemical peels ect. But none of them were made with aloe and none of them were organic. I know these products are what I want to keep using and I am glad to have worked with Gunilla of Sweden these past months. Those looking for a legitimate product that has helped others, LEROSETT is definitely one to try.

Allison Reese - Harrisonburg, VA

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Karyn Milledge

Karyn Milledge Before Testimonial


Karyn Milledge After Testimonial

After *

I was pessimistic because my skin went through purging for a few weeks. The products were gentle compared to acne treatments I have used in the past. I feel more confident and would absolutely recommend LEROSETT to other acne suffers.

Karyn Milledge - Farr. Bozeman, MT.

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Melissa Williams

Melissa Williams Before Testimonial


Melissa Williams After Testimonial

After *

I could never say in the past I have felt happy about my face. I've had severe acne since I was 13 years old. I'm blessed to have discovered Lerosett. There is NO other product I would recommend to anyone who suffers from acne. The only thing I would recommend is Lerosett.

Melissa Williams -Wright City, OK

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Garrett Allamain

Garrett Allamain Before Testimonial


Garrett Allamain After Testimonial

After *

"With a busy scheduled including many hours in the pool, Garrett was still able to commit to the recommended daily regimen and get clear skin. "Using LEROSETT was the first time I was given a regimen to follow. Gunilla of Sweden has changed the way that I look at myself. The difference in the amount and Severity of acne is insane and I couldn't appreciate it more!"

Garrett Allamain - Charles, IL

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Cynthia Jones

Cynthia Jones Before Testimonial


Cynthia Jones After Testimonial

After *

Before using Lerosett I tried everything, which didn't work and my face eventually got really bad. Thankfully, when I found Lerosett, my skin began to improve and clear like it never had before. I love the products and my face looks so much better now I sometimes go without makeup. I will be using these products forever and recommend them to anyone suffering from acne!*

Cynthia Jones - Brooklyn, NY

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Lerosett doctor reviews

How LEROSETT Compares

Acne Group

Can't see this video? ~Click here~
Can't see this video? ~Click here~ Can't see this video? ~Click here~

*Individual results may vary
per patient and skin condition

Disclaimer: The information contained on the Gunilla of Sweden® web site is provided for your general information only. Gunilla of Sweden® does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine. Gunilla of Sweden® under no circumstances recommends particular treatment for specific individuals. If you are not sure about your condition see a physician. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

All information and content on this web site is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved. Users are prohibited from modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, publishing, selling, licensing, creating derivative works, or using any information available on or through the site for commercial or public purposes.
*96.5% (Satisfaction Rate Page) is based on an average two year refund and return rate of 3.5% overall for all products sold. This number is recalculated every six months.
**Over 5,000 acne experts that use LEROSETT® relates to how many spas and medical clinics that have sold LEROSETT® since 1987. The actual number of professionals who have used LEROSETT® within those locations is much higher, 5,000 is a conservative number.
All videos and testimonials reflect the opinions of the individual user and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Gunilla of Sweden, Inc.

Your LEROSETT® Free Trial Includes
Organic Clay Treatment
Our exclusive heat-treated & micronized organic clay treatment.
No Added Chemicals.
Organic Moisture Matte
$35 FREE GIFT just for trying LEROSETT®. Our best organic aloe based healing moisturizer!
Acne Doctor Trial Policy
“I always suggest LEROSETT® to my patients with problem skin.”
Dr. Stratte MD,
Spot Treatment
Gunilla Moisturizer
Gunilla Dermatologist
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* Try LEROSETT® for yourself and find out why millions of problem skin sufferers and thousands of skin care professionals use LEROSETT® to stop and prevent problem skin. You can see more before and after images, user and professional testimonials on the testimonials tab. You have a 21-day free trial period from the day you receive your 2-part free trial package, we can double the trial period per request.

If you like how LEROSETT® absorbs the oil, clears your skin and tightens your pores do nothing. You keep both products and will only be charged the low price of $34.00 for the LEROSETT® Organic Clay Treatment. The $35.00 LEROSETT® Organic Aloe Moisturizer is your free gift just for trying LEROSETT®. If for any reason you decide that LEROSETT® is not the best treatment for you or you would like to extend your free trial period, contact Gunilla of Sweden® via chat live, e-mail or call toll free at (866) 551-5505 any time within your 21-day free-trial period. Then, simply return the LEROSETT® Organic Clay Treatment, but keep the $35 LEROSETT® Organic Aloe Moisturizer as our FREE GIFT to you. There are no commitments. You can cancel anytime.

You also get FREE acceptance in our Clear Skin Program and receive a new LEROSETT® Organic Clay Treatment plus your complimentary $35.00 LEROSETT® Organic Aloe Moisturizer every 6 weeks. Gunilla of Sweden® gives you the option to choose your own shipping intervals from every 6 weeks up to 16 weeks depending on your skin condition and licensed skin care counseling is included. You can also change what retail size topical LEROSETT® item you’d like as your free gift like a cleanser or serum, etc. You will be billed the low price of $34.00 + $5.95 for shipping for a total of $39.95. You also get a member only promo code to save on purchases.

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