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    Several Ways to Use LEROSETT®

  • General Directions:

    General uses for normal to severe problem skin and acne adjust your use depending on your skin condition and progress. A basic rule is, you will use more products during your clearing phase than you will to stay clear long-term. After this page, you can see example case studies similar to yours.
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  • Mask:

    Use a full facial mask 1-2 times per day every day during the initial clearing phase. Remove mask when dry 5-10 minutes, if it takes longer to dry it is to thick. Masking is not only about absorption, its also about adsorption. LEROSETT® will infuses minerals that minimize oil (sebum) production, inflammation, redness, and help healing. It's not how thick, it's how often you apply LEROSETT® that matters.

    Most Popular Mask Method: LEROSETT® Clay Treatment is micronized and proprietarily heat treated and different than normal clays. Notice how smooth it is, the sand has mostly been removed. The mineral levels are high and you should notice is a stronger absorbtion rate.
    If you do not have painful cysts you can use the rub method.
    Rub the clay deep into your skin, let it get into the pores where it can work. The clay will start to feel tacky quickly as you rub it in. The mask should be dry within a minute after rubbing it in, let it work for 5 minutes then remove in shower or what works for you, it should come right off. This is the mask to do 2-3 times a day to get clear skin, use the LEROSETT® Aloe Based "Moisture Matte" Moisturizer or Healing Serum right after the mask. This will help heal, calm, and hydrate the skin.

    Please Note: Its the dead skin cells on the inside walls of your pores that cause so many of the clogs, not the dead cells on your skin. Thats why exfoliating or using a spinning brush doesn't do so much for acne or anti bacterials. Bacterial infection is the side effect of the clog that is backing up the oil causing an infection. With LEROSETT® you can get clear and stay clear with the same trusted product line and keep your skin healthy.

    Notes for Best Results
    1. If you skip a mask for a single day clogs can start in the pore and you can have more pimples in your next cycle. If you want the best results do not skip any days with a full mask untill your skin is totally clear.
    2. Your skin is not on the same schedule as you are, getting clear is an every day job, once you're clear you can use less. As long as you mask every day and remove more clogs than you create and you continue to remove more clogs every day clear skin is evevitable, how long it takes depends on your skin condition.
    3. Spot treat individual pimples often or as needed. Scroll down for Spot Treat information.

  • How to Apply LEROSETT® Clay Mask

    Correct Application Smooth Dry Mask, Incorrect Application Cracked Dry Mask

  • What is purging?:

    If you use LEROSETT® products as directed without skipping any days and your skin just will not clear you may be purging and just need more time because your acne is deep and you have had it for years. Purging is a good thing for those with deep or cystic pimples because you're finally getting down deep where your pimples start.

  • In the beginning be aggressive:

    During the initial clearing phase you must use full facial masks every day and spot treat bigger pimples several times as well. Do not skip days during the initial clearing phase or clogs (pimple seeds) can remain and new pimples can come back as usual in a few weeks. For difficult acne add the LEROSETT® OTC Acne Face Wash and or our LEROSETT® ClearPoint® Clear Skin Supplement to cut oil production from below the clog.

  • Its effective to sleep with spot treatments on pimples, but do not sleep with a full facial mask:

    The mask absorbs dead skin cells, oils, impurities that must be washed away. Sleeping on a dry full facial clay mask can rub impurities deeper into your cheek follicle/pore seeding new pimples. After your nightly clay mask moisturize and sleep with clean skin. Do not use dryer sheets for your pillow case, they contain wax that can clog follicles causing pimples, change your pillow cases often. However, it is recommended that you do sleep with spot treatments for extracted or new pimples.

    Spot Treatments Make a Big Difference

  • Spot treat individual pimples often or as needed. A bit thick is ok. It should dry in 15-20 minutes, spot treatments can be thicker. The earlier the better and you can spot treat overnight. You can spot treat several times a day, just remove when dry or convenient. Wait at least an hour between spot treatments.

  • If you spot treat a pimple early, just as you feel a pimple coming on but its not red, infected or visable yet. Perfect, spot treat as often as you can and that pimple will have a very difficult time to grow up and bother you.

  • Spot treating a popped pimple:

    If you have a pimple that is ready for extraction, wait until the main drainage is over (maybe 30 min). Use a cotton ball to absorb the drainage, then spot treat the extraction point several times a day and spot treat overnight. This can absorb remaining liquids, infection, and help close the opening which prevents a scab and thereby minimizes scarring. LEROSETT® Clay can be used as a drying paste.

  • Moisturize:

    The aloe based LEROSETT® Moisturizer "Moisture Matte" or LEROSETT® Healing Serum are oil-free, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and can hydrate your skin effectivly, minimizing the redness and swelling from pimples etc., while adding the nutrients that help the natural healing process.

  • Maintenance:

    You're finally clear, how do you stay that way? You need to adjust your regime and be less agressive with the products. Usually this means one clay mask every other day and spot treat as needed. Then using the OTC Acne Face Wash 2-3 times per day and moisturizing as needed. Use less and less clay until you find your balance to stay clear, everyone is VERY different, we are happy to help you find your long-term balance. Don't change your clay routine too abruptly, or clogs can get through and pimples can come back. The longer you use LEROSETT® products the healthier, clearer and more beautiful your skin can become. You can use LEROSETT® products every day of your life, they're GOOD for your skin.

  • Using the LEROSETT® Organic Acne System

    Squeaky clean means dry skin, stripped oils and more pimples. For best results use an ALOE BASED cleanser like LEROSETT® face wash or ÄKTA® face wash, these are mild yet strong and heal the skin as well. Soap can cause your pores to produce more oils to replace the lost oils, its a cycle of pimples.

    Questions and Tips

    You can stop a pimple before it starts.

    See spot treatment animation stage 1-2-3 below. Do apply LEROSETT® several times on a pimple over the next 24-48 hours. Do this early, before you can see it but know it’s there. LEROSETT® can stop the pimple before it has a chance to become infected and grow. If there is already some redness and some infection, dot several times (5-10) over the next 2-4 days.

    Will your skin get worse before it gets better?

    Oil and other impurities that lay under the skin and in the follicle can be drawn out with the initial use, causing what may appear to be more pimples. The deeper the pimples, the more likely purging may occur. LEROSETT® products DO NOT cause pimples or acne, they pull out the blockage in the pore that causes the pimples.0 Impurities are usually deep within the skin and must be removed in some way for your skin to become clear. It’s extremely important to stay consistent and not give up.

    Using the ClearPoint acne supplement is very effective at preventing purging.

    No time for full facial masks?

    Sure you do. It takes the clay less than five minutes to dry. If it takes any longer than that, it’s too thick. Also, rub it in and it dries faster! As soon as you wake up, put on a thin layer of clay. Let it dry while your make your coffee and rinse it off when you get in the shower. At night, put on a thin mask and let it dry while you brush your teeth. It’s just that simple.

    In a really big hurry? Use a hair dryer (on cool) to help the clay dry faster.

    Reactionary, sensitive and red skin.

    LEROSETT® is natural and should not cause irritation. However, it can cause an increase in blood circulation. This is a good thing even though it can make your skin look temporarily red. If you are getting red skin and it does not relate to blood circulation, then you could have reactionary, sensitive or detox skin. This should pass as you acclimate to LEROSETT®. During this period, please minimize the use of LEROSETT®. When you do mask, remove the clay immediately after it dries (no longer than 10 minutes) to minimize redness. Use a layer so thin you can hardly see it when it dries.

    Harsh acne products and long term use

    To keep pimples away, some people need to use acne products for many months. This is why it’s important to use healthy, nutrient rich, professional grade, organic skin care that’s preferably naturally medicated. Premature aging, thinning of skin, hyper pigmentation, irritation and birth defects are just a few side effects of these harsh acne products.

    I have used LEROSETT® for weeks and it’s not working.

    There can be many reasons why you’re not seeing results but the most common are misdiagnosis or incorrect application. We recommend that you get a medical diagnosis by your physician or dermatologist. You may also contact us to speak to a skin care specialist.

    LEROSETT® pulls impurities out of your skin but it also adds minerals that slow oil production. Every day you add more impurities to your skin in addition to what is already there. If you remove more impurities than you add on a daily basis without skipping, your can reach your clear point faster. If pimples are still coming back weeks later, it’s usually because you’re not removing more clogs than you’re adding or there is a misdiagnosis.

    Other things to keep in mind: Life style changes, other skin care products/makeup being used, stress or various skin conditions such as rosacea or a staph infection can prevent LEROSETT® from working correctly. Also, there are many forms of prescription medication that can make clearing acne difficult.

    What about blackheads?

    Blackheads can be difficult. They can’t be washed away and pore strips are not effective. Blackheads must be physically removed by extraction and then prevented from returning by using LEROSETT®. The top of a black head is oxidized sebum. You can extract blackheads yourself if there is no sign of infection or redness. It’s preferable to use a flat blackhead remover or a comedone extractor. You can find this product at many beauty stores. LEROSETT® clay can soften the top layer of the blackhead and enable easier extraction. You can also loosen the top layer by placing your face over a bowl of hot water to steam open the pores. When you use LEROSETT® as a face mask several times a week, you can keep your pores clear and prevent the return of blackheads.

  • Do Not Use Moisturizers or Cleansers with Oil:

    Moisturizers with oil or other clogging ingredients especially when used directly after a clay mask treatment will only defeat the purpose of the clay treatment by creating more clogs. Use our aloe based LEROSETT® Moisturizer after every clay mask to increase healing and reduce scarring.

    • Face Wash/Cleaning:

      If you use harsh soaps or bar soap before a mask you can easily dry out your skin, use only oil-free pure aloe based cleansers. The aloe based LEROSETT® OTC Acne Face Wash is an acne treatment by itself, when used with the clay mask the results are even better, but it is a powerful combination. Not everyones skin can handle washing before the clay mask, the products should be used separately by those with sensitive skin or non-oily skin. The LEROSETT® Face Wash comes in Medicated OTC or Non-medicated Clear Skin versions. Both are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and hydrate your skin, minimizing the redness and swelling as well as healing your skin.

    • As your complexion improves, gradually decrease use:

      LEROSETT® is naturally full of minerals like zinc and others that are proven to help healing and cut sebum "oil" production. So masking will need to be done a few times per week, long term, to keep clogs away and oil production to a minimum. You can also achieve less visable pores, healthier skin and even slow the aging process. LEROSETT® is great for perfect skin too. Don't forget to use LEROSETT® Clay for ingrown hairs, bug bites, rashes, razor burn, detoxing skin, waxing and most other skin conditions as well.

  • 3 Animations for Spot Treating Pimples
    How LEROSETT® Clay Can Remove Pimples at Each Stage!

    Stage 1 - Stop a pimple before it starts
    Stage 2 - Cut pimple life cycle in half Stage 3 - No more scars after extraction
    Stage 1 - Pre-Infection Pimple
    Play Animation
    Stage 2 - The Infected Pimple
    Play Animation
    Stage 3 - After Pimple Extraction
    Play Animation

    Using the LEROSETT® Aloe Based Moisturizer after the clay is as important as the clay, thats where healthy healing can occur. If you have sever cystic acne we recommend adding our aloe based OTC Acne Face Wash between or before the clay masks, during the clearing phase.
    For those needing the ultimate in skin clearing ability or only want to take a pill instead of a full skin care regime can add or use separately our ClearPoint® Supplements to cut purging times for deep acne and cut oil production within the pore.

  • Getting Clear and Staying Clear with ClearPoint® Supplements.

    The easiest way to get clear and to stay clear is to also use ClearPoint® clear skin supplements. ClearPoint® can cut your clearing time in half, minimize purging and significantly help keep you clear long term. Click here to learn more.


    Disclaimer: The information contained on the Gunilla of Sweden® web site is provided for your general information only. Gunilla of Sweden® does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine. Gunilla of Sweden® under no circumstances recommends particular treatment for specific individuals. If you are not sure about your condition see a physician. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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