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Used for over 30 years in spas and Dermatology offices, LEROSETT® has been a favorite for thousands of skin care professionals to treat acne and problem skin naturally. Now available directly to you with a 97% Satisfaction Rate.

We are so excited to share LEROSETT® with you that we will let you try it before you buy it and will even throw in a free gift, our #1 selling 100% organic aloe-based moisturizer, a $39 value.

Just pay $2.95 for shipping today and experience the LEROSETT® 100% Organic difference.
Made in Sweden Since 1987 with Over a Million users.

$2.95 | ORDER NOW
$2.95 | ORDER NOW

*Full Retail Size 6-Week Supply- See below for full introductory offer details.

I recommend LEROSETT® because it has been proven to work for my patients and it’s a botanically based acne brand that’s been used professionally for 30-years. LEROSETT® is an highly effective professional grade acne line.

Dr. Adriana Rascanu

*Individual results may vary per patient and skin condition


Organic Clay Mask + Spot Treatment

Lerosett Mask and Spot Treatment

Why Should I Use LEROSETT®?

As a highly effective facial mask and spot treatment, LEROSETT® has helped millions. LEROSETT® can help pimples heal faster than common acne brands that use water as the main ingredient. LEROSETT® can significantly reduce pimple life cycles, prevent breakouts, reduce the appearance of pore size, clear skin, minimize scarring, detox and remove impurities naturally without added chemicals. No dyes, parabens, sulfates or oils. The choice of thousands of Dermatologists for over 30 years.

How is LEROSETT® Different?

lerosett facial mask

LEROSETT® Clay is 100% Organic, has no added chemicals and no fillers. It is great as both a mask and spot treatment. Bring the spa to your home with LEROSETT®.


Like a magnet, LEROSETT® can pull out the positively charged impurities while leaving the healthy negatively charged nutrients in your skin

Molecular structure

LEROSETT® is not a regular clay. LEROSETT's small molecule size, strong ionic charge and high levels of healing zinc can help draw impurities out of your skin and infuse your skin with good minerals.

*Full Retail Size 6-Week Supply- See below for full introductory offer details.

LEROSETT® Users Love Their Results

Hydrate & Heal

LEROSETT® Moisture Matte
64% Aloe-Based Moisturizer

$39 Bonus Gift!


*Results may vary


*Results may vary

Physicians Have Used LEROSETT® For Decades

This is what they have to say.

*Results may vary

Dr. Alexis Dougherty
LEROSETT® is a must-have for anyone suffering with acne.

LEROSETT® is an ideal product for women with large inflammatory nodules along the jawline that occur monthly with periods. It allows them to spot treat their problem areas without having to take a pill to control their breakouts. It also prevents post-inflammatory pigment and scarring.

Dr. Alexis Dougherty

Dr. Elizabeth Stratte
With consistency and patience, you to can achieve clear radiant skin with regular use of LEROSETT®!
LEROSETT®, for problem skin, stands strong amongst our array of medical grade products. When clients walk in the door for a customized product consultation with concerns of inflamed, hormonal or cystic acne, LEROSETT® is always suggested in their personalized acne skin care line up.

Dr. Elizabeth Stratte

Dr. Adriana Rascanu
For an organic product, it comes with a great affordable price for my teens.

I have been using LEROSETT® for my acne patients for several years and I love the results. The wash is not drying and great for sensitive skin and most important, it's organic. My patients come back again to ask for it and we have great outcomes and control for mild and moderate acne.

Dr. Iman Bar

Verified Purchase Reviews
What LEROSETT® Users Say

It really works! This is a truly remarkable product!

By: Marta W.
Verified Purchase

"After a bad reaction to benzoyl peroxide, I started researching a natural product for my daughters acne. After reading many positive reviews and the quality of the product I ordered. This is by far, a truly amazing product. My daughter is using it twice a day, and her acne has essentially disappeared within a week of use. The first two days the redness and inflammation started subsiding, then becoming smaller and smaller with ease day of use; and now nearly non existent. Regular use is a must, however I am beyond thrilled to have a truly effective product, that is all natural and cost effective"

*Results may vary

Best acne product!!

Verified Purchase

"I cannot live without this masque! It reduces my breakouts better than anything I have ever used. And I have used EVERYTHING!!! If I have the beginnings of a pimple, I use as a spot treatment. Then before bed, I spot treat all night and by morning, the zit is dramatically reduced. It is amazing and worth every penny"

*Results may vary

Everyone with acne problems should own this product!

By: Sarah Bee
Verified Purchase

"This mask literally SAVES my face. I have oily and acne prone skin and when I'm really good and use it regularly, it almost completely eliminates breakouts. When I'm not good and don't use it regularly, I can just apply it on the blemish for 2-3 days in a row and it completely heals. I can tell a noticeable difference after the first night. You can wash your face with it also but I just use it as a mask. Everyone with acne problems should own this product!"

*Results may vary

Pleasantly surprised

By: Katherine Ferris
Verified Purchase

Seems to be working! I went from having relatively clear skin to an all out cystic war on my face in the last month, I've been trying everything but this stuff really helps, I only use it once a day because it does really draw out impurities and right now I'm just trying to heal the ones I already have but I do use it as a spot treatment overnight... It really diminishes the size of cystic pimples and eventually breaks them down Into regular pimples which dry up, this stuff definitely cuts down on healing time and also scarring, plus it makes your pores smaller! If your thinking about it give it a try"

*Results may vary

Best skin care I've tried

By: CJ
Verified Purchase

"Best skin care I've tried, & I've tried it all...can't be without it. It saved me from having to start Acc_____ last year. Completely cleared up my acne, as well as keeping my skin looking young. I use all their products"

*Results may vary

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Our Award-Winning LEROSETT® Mask & Spot Treatment. Made in Sweden.

One full-size LEROSETT® Moisture Matte Aloe-based moisturizer - Our Free gift to you.

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Pay just $2.95 shipping and handling today. You have 30 days to try the products before paying $34 for the Mask & Spot Treatment. If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, just give us a call at 866-551-5505 between the hours of 9-5 CST M-F and we will give you instructions on how to send it back in order to not be charged. The $39 Moisture Matte is yours to keep regardless.


Keep experiencing the benefits of clear skin with our membership program. You will automatically be enrolled in our Gold program. Gold Members recieve a $34 LEROSETT® Mask & Spot Treatment and FREE $39 LEROSETT® Moisture Matte every 6 weeks for just $34 + $5.95 Shipping. Everyone's skin is different, so shipment intervals can be adjusted from anywhere between 4 and 20 weeks depending on your needs. You can cancel at any time.