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ClearPoint Natural Clear Sking Supplement 60 Days Money Back Guarantee


ClearPoint® is much more than a vitamin, it’s an anti-oil supplement that can stop pimples effectively. Made by LEROSETT® the organic acne experts since 1987 ClearPoint® stops pimples by increasing the bodies production of Coenzyme A. Dead skin cells clog the pore and back up the oil “sebum”. That oil becomes infected turning into a pimple. ClearPoint® minimizes that oil production leaving little to become infected. Difficult acne may need to be treated both externally and internally by combining ClearPoint® supplements with the best topical acne treatments like LEROSETT® OTC Acne Face Wash, Clay treatment or within a LEROSETT® acne system. For normal or mild acne ClearPoint® alone can be highly effective.

With acne supplements you need more than vitamins, you need to heal the skin and cut the oil production from under the clog in the pore. ClearPoint® combines the precise balance of Pantothenic acid L-Carnitine, Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin-C, Calcium, Aloe and more. After several years of development ClearPoint® is the effective formula for pimples.

Important Myths and Facts

1. You have acne because of excessive oil? No. Millions of people have very oily skin with no acne. You have a pimple because dead skin cells were stuck in your follicle causing a backup of sebum (oil). The pimple started because the clog stopped the natural flow of oil and it became infected, not because you had oily skin.

2. Is Acne Curable? No. Most skin diseases like acne, eczema and psoriasis are not curable, but they are treatable. Science does not know what causes acne or how to cure it. Don't let any acne brand tell you they know exactly what causes acne or what cures it, science does not know the cure but the treatment is very different and so is a pimple. Anyone who is dealing with real acne will have to find an acne product that is safe and effective for long-term use. All acne treatments are just that, treatments.

3. Rx meds, anti-biotics and pills can cure acne? No, these are treatments, not cures. Acne quickly may come back when you stop treatment. The question is what are the side effects of using some acne products long-term, day after day. Many acne products are not made for long-term use, especially Rx medication. LEROSETT® products can safely be used every day long-term and your skin can look better and feel healthier too.

Dr. Elise Rascanu
Dr. Elise Rascanu, D.O.
Even as a physician I had an impossible time dealing with my acne, HS was awful. But it didn’t go away I had real adult acne and still do into my 40’s. I know what acne is too, not 3 pimples like you see on a celeb, never showing the before pic, because they never had real acne. I also know there is no cure, skin sheds, gets stuck in pore causing a pimple. But I love Swedish medicine and found ClearPoint by LEROSETT® . I would wake up with greasy skin and pimples, not anymore. After 3 weeks, no more oil and 40 days I’m clear, everywhere. I read the science too, it was originally an obesity drug, but re formulated for acne, and it works. Thank you ClearPoint® Dr Elise Rascanu Dr Elise Rascani Icon

How all Natural Clearpoint Clear Skin Supplements
ClearPoint® All Natural Clear Skin Supplement ($39.95)
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The accumulation of 28 years of acne expertise.
LEROSETT® Total Organic Acne System + ClearPoint® $99.95


External Stop the clog in the pore

Full Line of Effective Organic (Topical) Acne Products

FDA approved organic
aloe based acne products.

Internal stop the oil under the clog

Effective All Natural Supplements For Clear Skin

For many people adding ClearPoint®
is the missing key to clear skin.

Education Learn How To Stay Clear Long Term

Licensed Skin Care Counseling by Phone, Chat or Email

Our licensed acne experts are here to help guide you to clear skin.

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*96.5% (Satisfaction Rate Page) is based on an average two year refund and return rate of 3.5% overall for all products sold. This number is recalculated every six months.
**Over 5,000 acne experts that use LEROSETT® relates to how many spas and medical clinics that have sold LEROSETT® since 1987. The actual number of professionals who have used LEROSETT® within those locations is much higher, 5,000 is a conservative number.
All videos and testimonials reflect the opinions of the individual user and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Gunilla of Sweden, Inc.

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