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Our founder, Gunilla Nilsson Ross, received her skincare credentials in 1962. She was born in Sweden and educated in skincare in England, Sweden, and the United States. When Gunilla moved to America in the early 70's, she was unable to find botanically based skin care similar to those she had used in Sweden so she started her own organic skin care company in 1987. For over 20 years Gunilla of Sweden® products were only sold to licensed skin care professionals and medical clinic but they're now available directly to the public.

In a world where skin care is mostly water with minimal nutrients, hydroponically grown aloe and our proprietary clay are a significant departure from the norm. Gunilla of Sweden® products contain the high concentrations of critical nutrients that your skin seldom ever gets from common water based skin care. You will find few skin care brands with higher botanical content and nutrients with less chemicals. For over 30 years Gunilla of Sweden® has been recommended by physicians, estheticians, skin care professionals, and customers alike.

Dr. Adriana Rascanu

I recommend LEROSETT® because it's been proven to work for my patients and it's a botanically based acne brand that's been used professionally for 30 years.

For years, I’ve heard other physicians speaking highly of LEROSETT® organic acne products. I have now used LEROSETT® products for over three years with amazing results and I have seen the same results for my own patients. LEROSETT® is an effective professional grade acne line. The only acne brand I have found that is organic aloe or clay based instead of water.

Dr. Adriana Rascanu
Vascular/Wound Care Physician

Dr. Alexis Dougherty

LEROSETT® is a must-have for anyone suffering with acne.

LEROSETT® is an ideal product for women with large inflammatory nodules along the jawline that occur monthly with periods. It allows them to spot treat their problem areas without having to take a pill to control their breakouts. It also prevents post-inflammatory pigment and scarring.

Dr. Alexis Dougherty

Dr. Elizabeth Stratte

With consistency and patience, you to can achieve clear radiant skin with regular use of LEROSETT®!

LEROSETT®, for problem skin, stands strong amongst our array of medical grade products. When clients walk in the door for a customized product consultation with concerns of inflamed, hormonal or cystic acne, LEROSETT® is always suggested in their personalized acne skin care line up.

Dr. Elizabeth Stratte

Dr. Adriana Rascanu

For an organic product, it comes with a great affordable price for my teens.

I have been using LEROSETT® for my acne patients for several years and I love the results. The wash is not drying and great for sensitive skin and most important, it's organic. My patients come back again to ask for it and we have great outcomes and control for mild and moderate acne.

Dr. Iman Bar

High-Content Organic Skin Care™

LEROSETT® FDA Approved Organic Acne Brand ÄKTA® Organic Skin Care-General and Anti Aging
CLEARPOINT® All-Natural Clear Skin Supplement

Gunilla of Sweden® – Professionals Choice Since 1985

Pronounced: LEROSETT [Leer-O-set] and ÄKTA [act-uh]

Gunilla of Sweden Play [guh-nil-ah]

Starting almost 30 years ago we were growing botanical ingredients organically and hydroponically because we could infuse more nutrients into those plants. These plants are hand-picked and planted individually in large temperature controlled greenhouses with no need for pesticides. Organic plant matter has more nutrients for your skin than plain water. The environmental advantage of hydroponics was only a positive side effect.

The majority of skincare brands have products that are formulated with a water base. Water is abundant and inexpensive, so from a manufacturer's point of view, that makes it an excellent base. However, what about the perspective of those who use the product?

For years, the way skincare products have been marketed has led consumers to believe that water based products are beneficial to the skin by helping to hydrate it. There is one simple fact that makes this theory false: skin cannot absorb water. If it did, we would physically be unable to swim. While there is a small amount of water that actually does get absorbed into the keratin layer of skin (reason for wrinkles after a bath), no hydration occurs.

The task of the base ingredient in skincare products is to deliver all other ingredients to the skin so that the necessary nutrients can enrich the area of focus and the product can do what it's intended to do. While the other ingredients are present, the water stops them from actually absorbing into the skin because of that same simple fact that was stated earlier: skin cannot absorb water. Due to the limitations of using water as a base ingredient, the product cannot deliver all that it has promised.

For this reason, aloe serves as an extraordinary therapeutic base for skincare products. If administered in the appropriate concentrations of the highest quality, results obtained are going to be exceptional.


At Gunilla of Sweden® we have made aloe based skin care Since 1987 & all customer service staff are licensed skin care professionals.


2014 Gunilla of Sweden® was awarded as one of the Top 25 Small Companies. Read More!

Made in Sweden
or Developed in Sweden

Gunilla of Sweden® products are formulated in Sweden and made in both the US and Sweden.

“At Gunilla of Sweden® we don't follow the Science of Organic Skin Care. We Pioneer it. Since 1985!”

Award Winning Gunilla of Sweden® Has Been a Leader in
Botanically Based Organic Skin and Acne Care Since 1987.

Top 25 Small Company Award | A+ BBB Rating | Dermascope Aestheticians Choice Award

Many skin care products on the market today are non-therapeutic because they are mostly just water. Conversely, Gunilla of Sweden® products are based on our rare nutrient infused aloe that is hand planted, hydroponically greenhouse grown and organic or our proprietary all natural clay. Gunilla of Sweden® products contain very high levels of nutrients since they are based on either our exclusive super aloe or micronized nutrient rich organic clay. Because of our plant based ingredients, our skin care products are therapeutic by their very nature. Our products can help to clear skin, moisturize, minimize scarring and help the healing process. This is why Gunilla of Sweden® is a favorite skin care line for some of the best skin care professionals in the world.

Organic-Acne -Method Peta Gunilla of Sweden Made in Sweden

Winner of the Top 25 Small Companies Award


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**Gunilla of Sweden® and LEROSETT® is neither affiliated nor endorsed by the media outlets above which are the exclusive property of their owners.

Disclaimer: The information contained on the Gunilla of Sweden® web site is provided for your general information only. Gunilla of Sweden® does not give medical advice or engage in the practice of medicine. Gunilla of Sweden® under no circumstances recommends particular treatment for specific individuals. If you are not sure about your condition see a physician. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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