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Consistently Better Results
With LEROSETT® we have been in business for over 25 years, specializing in acne longer than most skin care brands.  Acne is what we do. We have consistently shown better results than 99% of other acne products. Our greatest challenge is not to achieve clear skin; we already know how to do that. It's to convince those with acne today that LEROSETT® will clear their skin too. 

We Do Skin Care, Nothing Else
Since 1987 Gunilla of Sweden® has created the finest (professional grade) organic skin care, long before the term "organic" was common. All our efforts have gone into organic skin care, not make-up, hair products or anything else. 

Best Ingredients in Skin Care
Unlike all other water and chemical based brands our products are based on organic clay or hydroponic aloe that is grown in large greenhouses. (Grown in a nutrient rich liquid, not in soil) 
You finally get the
nutrients your skin needs.

Best Education & Stores
We have the best licensed acne experts on staff to help you understand pimples, acne and how to use the products correctly. LEROSETT® Organic Acne Products are only sold here and through our network of professional spas, salons and medical clinics.

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The Organic Acne
Brand That Works!

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                 Made in Sweden-pronounced Play [leer-o-set]
LEROSETT® Product Line

LEROSETT® Since 1987

What LEROSETT® Acne Products Do Not Contain
LEROSETT® acne products have no oils, parabens, sulfur
dyes, harsh drugs/chemicals, detergents or Benzoyl peroxide. 

LEROSETT® Best Reviews

    Why LEROSETT® Products Work Better

  • 1. What is LEROSETT® Organic Clay Treatment?
    LEROSETT® by Gunilla of Sweden®
    is one of the very few truly organic products that skin care professionals use on their acne clients. A favorite for thousands of dermatologists and estheticians for over 25 years LEROSETT® is only sold here and through licensed skin care professionals at top spas and medical clinics. LEROSETT® products are different in function, method of use, and ingredients compared to mass market acne products. Millions with problem skin, pimples and acne have clear skin today because of LEROSETT®.

    Depending on the severity of your skin condition other LEROSETT® products can be added to your daily regime.

    RenewRenewLEROSETT stands strong amongst our array of medical grade skin care products. When clients walk in the door for a customized product consultation with the concerns of inflamed, hormonal or cystic problem skin, LEROSETT is always suggested in their personalized skin care line up. With consistency and patience you too can achieve clear radiant skin with the regular use of LEROSETT!
    Dr. Elizabeth Stratte MD Child and Teen Dermatology
    Renew Dermatology and Laser Center, Redding, CA.

    Using LEROSETT® professionally for over 15 years

  • LEROSETT® Product Image 2. What LEROSETT® does.
    LEROSETT® Clay Treatment quickly removes pimples and heals problem skin, prevents future blemishes and minimizes the redness and swelling associated with pimples/blemishes while preventing scarring.
    The longer you use LEROSETT® the smoother, clearer and healthier your skin will be.
    Clear Skin Stages
    Examples of moderate to severe problem skin 14-21 days after daily use of LEROSETT®.

  • 3. What's in LEROSETT® Organic Clay Treatment?
    LEROSETT® Clay Treatment has only two ingredients:
    Our proprietarily treated 100% organic clay and distilled water. All other LEROSETT® products are based on our rare greenhouse grown organic aloe, never water.

  • 4. How LEROSETT® Organic Clay Treatment clears your skin.
    Oil production and bacteria play a part, but pimples are really all about clogs and that's how LEROSETT® works.
    The average adult is carrying about 5 pounds of dead skin cells on their body at any one time. It's not a wonder that dead skin cells clog your follicle and seed new pimples at the rate they do. When you mask every day with LEROSETT® Clay you are removing the dead skin cells before they have a chance to start a pimple. After 2-4 weeks your pimple cycles will start to fade. Then you use less and less until you find the application balance that keeps you clear. Your skin also must heal. Acne products based on 100% hydro-organic aloe and 100% organic clay will heal your skin faster than products using water as the first ingredient.

    A. Because LEROSETT® is a proprietarily treated 100% organic clay it goes much deeper into your follicle/pores where the pimples start. As the LEROSETT® Clay dries, it absorbs and exfoliates more dead skin cells, clogs and impurities within the follicle/pore faster and better than cleansers, washes or topical liquids. LEROSETT® Clay has powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities that fight infection, redness and swelling.

    B. A strong ionic charge (ionic exchange) within the clay allows LEROSETT® to naturally absorb positively charged impurities and ignore the negatively charged nutrients you need. Natural minerals within LEROSETT® like zinc and others help heal pimples/blemishes and regulate the production of oil (sebum) glands, thereby minimizing the return of pimples/blemishes. Your skin needs topical minerals like zinc to heal.

    C. When LEROSETT® Clay is used as part of the LEROSETT® Organic Acne Systems (The only FDA approved oil-free and naturally medicated hydro-organic acne system) the result on acne and problem skin is truly amazing.
    Skin Impurities

  • 5. 10 Amazing Ways to Use LEROSETT® 100% Organic Clay Treatment
    (It's Not Just for Pimples)

    •  Prevent Ingrown Hairs: Much like a pimple, the clay prevents ingrown hair from forming. (Spot treat and apply thin layer on area)
    •  Prevent Oily Skin: Significantly minimize oil (sebum) production by infusing natural minerals like Zinc, "Apply facial mask"
    •  Minimize Pore Size for Smoother Skin: Significantly minimize pore size creating smoother younger looking skin. (Apply facial mask)
    •  Fully Detox, Minimize Fine Lines & Slow Aging: Deep clean, removing imbedded impurities for healthier younger looking skin. (Apply facial mask)
    •  Prevent Razor Burn: Prevent the effects of razor burn anywhere you shave. For men and women (Apply thin layer on area)
    •  Better Waxing: Prevent redness, pain and swelling when applied pre and post waxing.  (Apply thin layer on area)
    •  Cleansing & Oily Scalp: Use clay as a wash cream, mild exfoliate and rub into oily scalp. Squeeze out one inch of clay, rub into face and remove with water as you would a cleanser.
    •  Bug Bites: Pulls toxins to the surface while minimizing itching, redness and swelling as well as potential scarring. (Spot treat)
    •  Rashes: Many types of rashes will benefit from detox and mineral infusion from clay. Even on pets. (Apply thin layer on area)
    •  Multiple Skin Conditions: Minimize discomfort and itching from skin problems like psoriasis and eczema. Multiple skin conditions can safely benefit from the clay's detoxing and cooling effects, also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  (Apply thin layer on area)

  • 97% Effective 6. How to use and apply LEROSETT® Organic Clay Treatment
    LEROSETT® 100% Organic Clay is a one step treatment that can be used as a mask, spot treatment, drying paste, scrub and face wash.
    LEROSETT® Clay is usually used in conjunction with the LEROSETT® Moisturizer or Healing Serum to moisturize and minimize redness and swelling from pimples.

    Simply apply LEROSETT® Clay, let it dry and absorb impurities for 10 minutes, remove with water, then moisturize.
    Click here for apply page--

  • 7. LEROSETT® 100% Organic Aloe Based Products are Equally Groundbreaking.
    Other than the LEROSETT® Clay Treatment, all LEROSETT® products like the moisturizer, healing serum, face washes and toners are based on hydroponically grown 100% organic aloe that fights acne, heals and feeds your skin.


    Studies have shown organic aloe to heal 2nd degree burns and wounds better than many Rx products. Physicians often recommend our aloe based products like our healing serum to minimize scarring after surgeries as well as wound healing.
    Click here-How aloe fights the symptoms of acne in detail--

  • 8. Here's the proof:
    -LEROSETT® is the only natural acne brand used by dermatologists and skin care professionals for over 20 years.
    Click here-Reviews from qualified experts
    -LEROSETT® has more positive reviews from more sources spanning more years than any other acne brand.
    Click here-Wide variety of user reviews

  • 9. How does LEROSETT® compare and why is it important to use aloe based acne products?
    Acne is treatable but it is sadly NOT curable by any known product or drug. You must keep using most acne products every day, month after month, risking hyper-pigmentation, thinning of skin, premature aging and many unknown long-term risks.
    This is why it's critical especially when using acne products long term that they contain many nutrients and be free of harsh drugs and chemicals. If the main ingredient is water, you're not getting the nutrients your skin needs to heal.
    Only LEROSETT® products use a safe, naturally derived acne drug with a main ingredient of nutrient rich 100% hydro-organic aloe and our proprietary clay that makes your skin smoother and healthier the longer you use them.

  • 10. The LEROSETT® verdict.
    LEROSETT® products are the finest quality acne products available anywhere and have been preferred by thousands of skin care professionals for over 25 years.
    To make your decision LEROSETT® decision easier you can try it before you buy it with our free trial, purchase individual products or entire acne systems with a full 60 day money back guarantee.
    To Try Before You Buy Click Here

LERIOSETT Acne Face Wash Comparison

LEROSETT 3 Elements to Acne

Why LEROSETT Works on all 4 Stages

How aloe fights acne symptoms

No other organic skin care product has the
"long term" professional following of LEROSETT®!

As seen in these and many other professional publications.

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**Ongoing survey for 2010 of 100+ dermatologists and estheticians who use LEROSETT® and treat acne professionally prefer LEROSETT® as their favorite botanically based "organic" solution for problem skin. Survey sample page